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Bird Series 250ml body cream - 2 scents
Bird Series 250ml body cream - 2 scents

Empire Australia

Bird Series 250ml body cream - 2 scents



Green Tea & Jasmine Vitamin E Cream 250g

This Vitamin E Cream with the charm of Green Tea and Jasmine moisturises and quenches your skin leaving it soft, supple and smooth. 

Glycerine & Olive Oil Sorbolene Cream 250g

The natural moisturising properties of glycerine and olive oil benefit skin of all types. This fragrance-free sorbolene cream minimises moisture loss and keeps your skin hydrated and protected.

Minimise loss of moisture for hydrated and protected skin with this fragrance free sorbolene cream. Glycerine and olive oil offer dry skin relief for all skin types.




The Bird Series range of fresh, fragrant and effective formulations are brimful of special care ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Lanolin. All Empire products are proudly designed and produced in Melbourne, Australia and never tested on animals. 

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