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Birds In A Book (A Bouquet In A Book)

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Birds In A Book (A Bouquet In A Book)


This unique gift book transforms into a decorative object, featuring ten beloved birds from around the world. Each bird is perched on a die-cut branch that you can "pop up" from the page. Simply take the jacket off, pop up the birds, and turn this book into a whimsical arrangement to display on a desk or shelf.

The accompanying text details the special attributes of each bird: the resourcefulness of the Blue Jay, the loyalty of the Bullfinch, and the family devotion of the Inca Jay. A wonderful gift for a bird-watcher or nature enthusiast, this book also features a pop-up "to/from" card, so you can dedicate it to someone special.


Hardcover,  (cm): 13.3 x 15.2  x 2.54



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