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Grapefruit Self Warming Eye Mask

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Like a warm hug for your eyes and mind, this self warming eye mask starts warming up the moment you open it. Lie back, get ready to relax and unfold the mask. When the mask meets the air it begins to warm up, staying at a comforting temperature and releasing the scent of Grapefruit, so you can drift into a daydream and wake feeling energised and ready for the rest of your day! 

Grapefruit Scent

The scents are purposefully subtle so as not to overwhelm your sense while you relax.  Grapefruit is a zesty scent that can help you relax and feel refreshed. The scents are activated as the mask warms, so when the eye mask has heated, you can pull it down over your nose and take a few deep breaths in!

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the ingredients the strength of scent can vary from eye mask to eye mask. The strength can not be guaranteed as some essence may be absorbed by the natural iron ingredients and it starts to dissipate once opened. Everyone’s sense of smell is individual with varying levels of sensitivity to different smells. If you do enjoy a stronger scent we recommend pairing the eye mask with one of our Ena Essential Oils