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Magical Magnesium Spray Restful

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Are you suffering from jumpy, crampy legs at night? Limbs keeping you up with the wriggles after a run or a workout? You might be low in magnesium, and need a boost!

Magnesium is lost from our bodies through exercise, drinking caffeine and stress, which can make us jumpy and restless. Magnesium can be replaced directly with the BON LUX Magic Magnesium Spray, to help the muscles settle, and for rest and recovery.

The BON LUX Magic Magnesium Spray for muscles combines a blend of magnesium + essential oils to ease aches and cramps. Anti inflammatory rosemary, and magnesium oil aide in replacing lost minerals after sweating and exercise.

The glass bottle can be rinsed and re-purposed for water spray when magic is done, or recycled in kerb-side recycling.