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Morris Gardening Glove Kit

Heathcote and Ivory

Morris Gardening Glove Kit


The ideal gift for garden lovers combining elegant, Morris & Co. print gardening gloves with an adjustable wrist strap and a shea butter hand cream with a fresh and comforting fragrance with notes of honeysuckle and amber.

  • Luxurious easily absorbed 100ml hand cream with shea butter, pink clay, evening primrose oil and vitamin E to help leave hands feeling soft without a residue.
  • A mineral-fresh, floral fragrance with honeysuckle, amber and comforting powdery notes leave hands delicately scented.
  • Stylish, lightweight gardening gloves are crafted from cotton and perfect for tending to plants on sunny days.
  • A beautifully presented gift featuring the romantic Compton print from the William Morris archives updated for the modern day with a jewel inspired palette.
  • Certified vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

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